Countdown to Balance

It’s been a year since Hidden was released, and it’s now exactly one month before Balance comes out. Obviously 2020 threw a lot of curve-balls at everyone, which impacted my writing schedule. But with that being said and done, it’s finally almost time!

I’m super stoked about Balance. It’s 129k (two full-length novels) of goodness—the book itself has actually been broken into two but will be released as one. At first, I wasn’t super pleased with the story, but I’m really glad that I took the time to redo many, many parts because Balance is now up there as one of my top favorite Grimm novels.

What do you, the reader, need to do to prepare for Balance?

First and foremost, I’d suggest you re-read the series. There is a lot of information that carries from book to book, and a reread will help you enjoy Balance so much more. Remember, you can also read my series for free on Kindle Unlimited. We’ll be hosting a rereading party over in Lyla’s Grimmlins where you can enter to win giveaways and learn some insider information.

Secondly, if you haven’t already, I suggest you read Rising Sun. Gloria and the 1950’s crew will play much larger parts in both Balance and Change (book six). You don’t have to read Red to read Grimm, of course, but I guarantee you’ll get a lot more out of the series if you do. I also suggest that you read Home, the first Grimm novella. There will be references to the novella in Balance.

And now, for the pre-order:

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