At current, Lyla’s worlds only involve one published series, The Grimm Cases. However, there is currently another trilogy in the works that takes place in the same world, but in a different timeline, than the original series. This page is where you’ll get the juicy details on that, so stay tuned.

About the Author

Lyla Oweds is a paranormal romance author who resides in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. Growing up near Gettysburg and a native of Baltimore, Lyla has a deep appreciation for the paranormal, hauntings, and Edgar Allan Poe. As such, she loves all things fantasy, mystery, crime, and horror—with a dash of romance twisted in.

When not reading, writing, or being a web programmer, Lyla can be found doing adult-y things as a single mom to a toddler and two birds. She also frequently enjoys make-up videos, massages, wine, and coffee.